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A candlelight evening in the finest gardens of the Loire Valley

18 July 2017

If you ever find yourself in the Loire Valley at the beginning of July, do not miss la Nuit des mille feux at the castle of Villandry. For 9,50€ (which is cheap if you compare it with the prices of other shows in the area), you will live an enchanting experience. Cherry on top of the cake, you’ll do so in the middle of the most beautiful gardens of the Loire Valley.  





First, you’ll start with a guided tour. It’s great if you want to know more about the history of the castle and its gardens. If you feel like walking by yourself, that’s fine too. In the gardens, you will for sure cross path with some equilibrists or comedians.


The gardens of Villandry


What is quite special about the plants and flowers that grow here is that the gardeners switched to 100% organic a few years ago. Since then, many bird species have returned to the grounds. Good for them for going greener than green …   



Two thousand candles


Then, if you are lucky enough, you’ll enjoy an incredible sunset over the castle and its gardens.




Later, as the night emerges, thousands of candles displayed all over the grounds will bring the show to another new level. The atmosphere changes completely. It is romantic as hell !



Finally, some fireworks will be fired over the water basin. A perfect end to a perfect night.



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