My Little Big World is a window opened on a very unique chunk of the world: our own!

Our Big World, traveling to discover the wonders of our beautiful planet …

… but also our Little World, our daily life, enjoying good food, great books and fun times.


By A.



I am A.

French. In my thirties. Globe-trotter and citizen of the world. I grew up in the middle of a vineyard in the French countryside. I then went on to live in Paris, New York, Boston, Washington D.C and periodically in Milan, Italy.

A few years ago, I decided to take a good hard look at my life and realized that it was time for a change of mindset. I gradually rediscovered how to appreciate those simple things that make life so wonderful. For me, happiness tastes like a glass of wine during an aperitivo with friends, a great meal with the ones you love, tons of cheese (I know, I am soooo French!), laughters, a good book by the fire or a walk in the vineyards.

Not to forget the joy of traveling. It helps me keep an open mind, quenches my curiosity, allows me to recharge my batteries (so to speak), to relax and to let go of whatever weight I have on my shoulders.


My Little Big Family


A few years ago, I was very lucky to meet M. a.k.a “Monsieur Chéri”. In him, I found someone who shares my desire to travel, my values and my philosophy of life. He’s the best travel companion I could have hoped for, in addition to being a wonderful man and an even more amazing husband and father.

Monsieur Chéri is Italian. Very Italian! It should therefore not come as a surprise to see that I devote an entire category to Italy on the blog. It’s a country I have come to know quite well and to love deeply.

In 2021, we welcomed a baby daughter and new travel buddy, S., who will have visited four countries by the time she starts day-care in the Fall!


Content and values


On My Little Big World, I share my travel journals (pictures, maps, itineraries, good addresses and coups de coeur) but also reviews of my favorite restaurants (wherever they may be) and posts about my life as an expat in the U.S. and as a non-Parisian living in Paris (which is sometimes harder than being an expat in a foreign country!!!).  If you read French, I also review tons of books, being a true bookaholic!

Unless otherwise mentioned, all the pictures are my own. The same can be said of all the opinions I express on the blog, which reflect accurately my own experience.

A desire to share and be helpful to fellow travelers is what motivates me to write My Little Big World. The core values of this blog are sharing, integrity, sincerity but above all optimism.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them! Visit often!

Bonne lecture !