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Denmark: two days in Copenhagen : some fun and some relaxin’

19 July 2017

In May 2016, we headed to Copenhagen, Denmark for an alumni event. Each year, all European alumni meet in a European city for an extended reunion weekend. It gives us a great opportunity to discover our neighboring (or almost) countries !

Copenhagen is the perfect getaway to escape the stress of your daily life. The city is clean, quiet, green and overall very relaxing.

I wouldn’t chose this destination if you are looking for extraordinary landscapes and adventures. Nor if you want a culinary experience (the food did not strike me as presenting a lot of interest). However, go if you want to unwind, chill and discover a pleasant city.

Our  itinerary




  • Late afternoon check-in at our hotel in the city center
  • Walk around Copenhagen. We took Strøget, a pedestrian street (great for shopping especially if you came to the city to visit the Lego store), passed by Caritasbrønden on our way to Tivoli Gardens.
  • Dinner at  Brasserie Nimb, a strange-looking restaurant that resembles an Indian palace, located inside the Gardens.
  • Night-time fun in the amusement park of  Tivoli Gardens  (AMAZING !)





  • Coffee to-go for a nice walk around Nyhavn  
  • From there, we headed to the Copehaguen Admiral, a superb hotel on the waterfront. This was a nice stop on our way to the Royal palace of Amalienborg, just a few steps down the road.
  • Then we walked up Amaliegade to reach the Church of St Alban and its beautiful fountain.
  • From there, we were just a few meters away from the infamous Little Mermaid. Mandatory picture, right?
  • Coming back towards the city center, we decided to go through the Citadel (Kastellet). We enjoyed its gardens and beautiful windmills. So peaceful …
  • At noon, we met the rest of our group for lunch and conferences.
  • Later in the afternoon, we managed to escape and had a drink on the canal (Nyhavn) in the sun. Sounds like what any tourist would do but, what the heck! We had a great time and that’s all that matters!
  • Gala dinner at Hôtel d’Angleterre, one of Copenhagen’s landmark palaces. The decor was fabulous.





  • Brunch at Café and Restaurant Ofelia in the Royal Danish Theater. It is located on the water and faces the Opera.
  • Early afternoon departure for the airport.


* * * * *

Highlights of our trip


Adrenaline and fun at the amusement park (Tivoli Gardens)


An amusement park at night, right in the middle of the city? We had little to no expectations when we decided to check it out. We thought the place was for children.

The surprise was all the more greater! This park is fantastic to kids but also for adrenaline junkies. Whatever you like, you’ll find in there. Roller-coasters, mine train, the towers culminating at 63 meters and dropping you … We had a lot of fun!

In May, the park was opened until midnight. You can pay by the ride or an unlimited pass (worth it if you plan on doing more than a couple rides).


Nyhavn : the typical “postcard” of Copenhagen


Unavoidable! You can’t come to Copenhagen without seeing this. We were lucky enough to see the canal under a sunny weather. Really enjoyed the colors and, of course, we took a LOT of pictures …



The Citadel, the city center and the Little Mermaid …

The Royal Palace
St Alban church
The citadel


The (very) Little Mermaid, star of Copenhagen

Practical aspects


We were in Copenhagen with a group and therefore it’s a bit difficult to assess the food. I find that the quality of group menus is usually lower than the rest of the food served at a given restaurant.

Brasserie Nimb

Nice place. The food was ok but not exceptional. Right at the entrance of Tivoli Gardens.

Hôtel d’Angleterre

Very nice dinner but the food was not memorable. The decor was sumptuous.

Café and Restaurant Ofelia

A very decent brunch on the waterfront. Very relaxing, especially when the weather is nice, as you can sit outside by the water with a drink.


Stay AWAY from Wake Up Borgergade. We had a disastrous stay and this hotel is a joke! Only positive aspect: it is right by Nyhavn.

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