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Netherlands: Amsterdam with a baby

22 July 2021

As we wrote in our article about our long weekend in Amsterdam, we recently visited Amsterdam with our 4.5 month old baby. It was our first weekend abroad (outside the family, therefore at the hotel) since her birth, so obviously we prepared a little differently.

Before leaving, we asked ourselves a lot of questions and struggled to get clear answers. We jotted them down here (along with the answers of course) hoping that it will help you if you are also planning a weekend in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam with a baby : Q&A


Is Amsterdam a baby-friendly city?


Yes, without a doubt! We were welcomed everywhere with the stroller and the baby. Just know that in museums you will not be able to take the escalators with the stroller (even if the size of your stroller allows it) and that you will have to use the elevators. They weren’t kidding about it. I don’t know why this obsession, but that’s the way it is.


Is breastfeeding in public frowned upon in Amsterdam?


Not at all. I have fed my daughter in the park, at the restaurant several times and during the boat tour without any problem or negative reaction.



Lunch break for S. at Vondelpark


Can I see everything there is to see by foot / with my stroller in Amsterdam?


Yes. We didn’t take a single metro, tramway or bus (except the bus to and from the airport). If like us, you enjoy a good walk and if you decide to concentrate on the main areas at the heart of the city, you can do everything by foot. No difficulty to report with the stroller: the sidewalks are large and in good condition.



Which hotel to choose in Amsterdam with a baby?


Choosing a hotel is a very personal choice. We only draw your attention to the following points to consider:

  • Accessibility from the train station / airport: can you get there by foot easily?
  • Location: in order to be able to explore the city without depending too much on public transportation, we recommend looking at hotels in the center (no higher than the train station, no lower than the Singelgracht and staying in the area between ​​the western canals and the Amstel). Also remember to check that the hotel is not in a loud area, so that baby can rest in peace after a day of exploring.
  • Room size: be careful in Amsterdam, we saw a lot of 10 / 11m2 hotel rooms. With a baby, choose a hotel with a more spacious room.
  • Can the hotel loan you a complimentary baby bed? That’s key.
  • Restaurants nearby / on site: with very small babies, it is better to have options for dining not too far from your hotel (or even on site) to be able to respect your baby’s rhythm as much as possible and to be close to his/her bed in case your baby gets tired/fussy.

As far as we’re concerned, we went for the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel for several reasons:

  • Accessibility: coming from the airport, the Marriott is a one-minute walk from the 397 bus stop. Great with suitcases and so convenient.
  • Its location: a stone’s throw from everything there is to see, in the area with all the main museums (including Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum). Three minutes away from the boat that goes around the canals and one minute from Vondelpark.
  • Baby bed available upon request: not having to bring our own was a huge plus.
  • The size of the rooms: while organizing our trip, we had spotted three other hotels, all very good. However, the rooms were much smaller. Understandable as the hotels in question are located in very old buildings. Full of charm, of course, but very small rooms. The Marriott, which looks horrible from the outside, has the advantage of offering modern and large rooms (enough to accommodate three people).
  • A restaurant on-site (and a good one too).


Looking back, we are very happy with our choice. We received a warm welcome, the bed was already installed in the room when we arrived and our three night stay went without a hitch.


Where to eat in Amsterdam with a baby?


Honestly, anywhere. We didn’t have any issue with the stroller and/or the baby. Just a piece of advice though: we recommend that you check beforehand with restaurants if they have loud music in the evening. Many do, and if your baby is sleeping, it’s not ideal to realize it at the last minute and to have to look for a new restaurant.


Should I bring a car seat with me?


We thought about it long and hard because our stroller, like many others, can be used with the car seat. Since our baby has no problem facing forward in the actual stroller, we decided not take the car seat. The question really is: “do you have to take a taxi / a car?“. If not, you really don’t need it.

Can I do the boat tour on the canals of Amsterdam with my baby?


Sure! Why not? We recommend that you check with the company operating the boat first but with the Blue Boat, we didn’t have any issue.


S’s first time on a boat in Amsterdam



What else?


Make sure to bring your stroller’s rain cover. Even if the weather is fair, it can save your life if there is wind (which was the case in July when we visited Amsterdam).

We also recommend bringing a baby carrier. It can help you a lot if your baby gets tired of his/her stroller.






Amsterdam with a baby …

Looking back, we can tell you that we do not regret one bit our choice to visit Amsterdam for this first long weekend with our baby. Sure, we are lucky to have an easy-going and curious baby, who does not or rarely cries. But apart from that, Amsterdam is a baby-friendly city. It is easy to get around by foot and with your stroller.

In the end, we have done / seen / visited with her everything that we would have done / seen / visited without her (except of course going out for a drink late at night). As long as you organize yourself to respect your baby’s rhythm, it’s a safe bet that you will be able to make the most of your weekend in Amsterdam.




If you have any questions in mind that we haven’t covered in this article, please ask them in the comments section. We will be happy to answer them!

We wish you a wonderful stay in Amsterdam with your little one!


City visited in July 2021

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