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Where to find the best cookie in New York

1 November 2017

Did you ever wonder where to find the best cookie in New York City? Well, stop looking! You’ve come to right place…You may argue that taste is subjective and it is. But trust me, this cookie will blow your mind and make your tastebuds dance.


Drum rolls…


And the best cookie in New York is… the chocolate chip cookie from Jacques Torres’Of course this is just one girl’s opinion but give it a try and you’ll see what I mean…

It’s huge and flat, crunchy on the edges but soft and buttery on the inside. And those dark chocolate chunks… Perfectly exquisite!!! Admit it, you would take a bite right away if you had this cookie in front of you.



For the record, I obviously only took a bite to show you how the cookie looked inside. Ok, ok, ok, I know… who am I kidding, right?



Where to find the best cookie in New York


There are several Jacques Torres locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I usually go to the one on King St at the corner of Hudson St (Subway 1 – Houston St).  

Why this one? Because it’s there that I had my first bite of this delicious cookie, back in 2006. Second reason, it’s the flagship store and the chocolate factory is right there, behind a glass window. How cool is that? If you have time, you can also visit the factory and get a tour of a chocolate museum. 




  • In the winter or on a cold day, order a hot chocolate (very creamy and rich) with your cookie.
  • Burn those calories by taking a nice long walk towards the Hudson Square Park, by the river. You can also wander around Soho or walk to the Financial district and see the One World Observatory.


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