We are getting married! Our French-Italian Wedding …

21 September 2018

Guess what?

Monsieur Chéri and I are getting married!!!!!!!

In exactly one year from today 😀

I kept the news a secret for quite some time now, to allow us to enjoy the joy being engaged just among the two of us.

But now, it’s time to tell the world. And it is therefore with the greatest pleasure that I am introducing a new segment of this blog which shall be known as “My Little Big Wedding”. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep posting about our trips 😉


What will My Little Big Wedding be about?

Easy! About our wedding 🙂

Each week, I’ll share my wedding planning tips, favorite vendors, ideas, feedback and more. I’ll try to be as candid as possible and to tell you about the challenges (and the fun) of organizing a bi-cultural wedding.  

If you are a bride-to-be yourself or if the dreamy world of weddings fascinates you, you are in the right place.

So welcome to My Little Big Wedding, the wedding planning journal of My Little Big World! Wedding Planning mode: on !


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