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My review of the “Little White Book”, a wedding organizer and journal

5 October 2018

Today, in lieu of my usual Friday book review, I’d like to talk to you about my latest purchase as a bride-to-be: the Little White Book.  

Little White Book is a wedding organizer and journal created by Megan Hutchison, who also runs the blog “She said yes”. I treated myself to this beautiful and very useful “wedding prep buddy” and I don’t regret it for a second. Here is why …


Great content


What is truly great about the Little White Book is that it combines everything you would put in a wedding binder AND a wedding diary, with a lot of free space to express your creativity. You can write about your feelings, staple images and so much more. 

The first part of the Little White Book allows you to have all the information relating to your wedding in one neat place. Your guest list, your budget, your vendors etc… Pretty classic but very useful. 

The second part is a 12 month retro planning. Each month, you’ll find a checklist to help you plan and keep track of your accomplishments. But you’ll also find pages to fill out with your thoughts. In order to help you share your feelings and state of mind, several questions are suggested. It’s quite nicely done (in a very anglo-saxon fashion though). The Little White Book also has a post-wedding section, which includes the honeymoon. That’s a great idea and one that allows you to start recording your first memories and adventures as a married couple. And to keep these memories for ever in your Little White Book.


I love


  • The concept. I love the idea that the Little White Book will allow me to keep everything that relates to our wedding in one place. The Little White Book is a beautiful object that I know I’ll keep for a very long time. That really puts pressure on me to use my finest handwriting and to fill it out regularly but I guess I can live with that 😉 


I like


  • The format: much easier to carry than a binder, you can easily put it in your purse. Unless you are like me in which case, it stays at home because you’re too worried of wrecking it. “No one touches the Little White Book if there is food or beverage around or if hands are not 100% clean“. Yep, I am that type of bride (don’t judge).
  • Its design: elegant, minimalist, white. No glitter or Barbie-pink.
  • And its content of course! Great idea to mix checklists, templates, but also empty pages to allow each bride to personalize her own journal. 


I don’t really like


  • The price, which is too high. But if I had to do it again, I would definitely buy it.


Where can I get one?


In France, I got mine directly from the e-shop of the wedding designer Rime Arodaky (which you should check out by the way!).

You can also get it directly from the blog She Said Yes. I signed up to receive the newsletter and it’s full of interesting ideas and insightful comments. And I am a huge fan of Megan’s “Index” page.



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