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Mexico: walking the colorful streets of Campeche

22 August 2017

– Day 4 –


On Day 4 of our 7-day trip to Mexico, we drove to Campeche for a day-trip (actually a short afternoon trip would be more accurate).




Living Yucatan for Campeche


Today, we are back on the road and driving to another state of the peninsula. We are leaving Yucatan for the state of Campeche. Where in particular? The city of Campeche! Yes, it’s confusing and be careful as your GPS may get confused too.  

Campeche was definitely on my list of places to see in Mexico. I had seen wonderful pictures of the colorful streets of the fortified city, listed as a Unesco World Heritage site and wanted to see it for myself. 

After a 2 hour drive, we arrived in Campeche around lunch time. We managed to park the car quite easily and immediately headed to Marganzo for lunch. The restaurant was highly recommended by the Lonely Planet and, unlike other acclaimed restaurants, it had A/C (very material). Because of the heat, I wasn’t that hungry and just had a Sopa de Lima, a traditional dish. It was quite good but nothing exceptional. 

After lunch, we started walking around the city center. In fact, that’s basically all there is to do in town. But rest assured that it is a scenic walk!!!















The map

– Day 4 –




– Day 4 –


Is Campeche worth a visit? Yes, I am very glad that we went. Those streets are so beautiful!

Is it worth a 4 hour drive? Maybe not. It only took us an hour to see all the points of interest (without rushing), so it’s a lot of time in the car for little time spent exploring. I would definitely recommend including it, if it is on the way to your destinations (i.e. if you go to the Chiapas or Calakmul). But driving from Temozon and back was a bit much.


Practical aspects

– Day 4 –



Time spent driving: About 4 hours

Hotel: Hacienda Temozon. For our review click here.


  • Breakfast: Hacienda Temozon 
  • Lunch: Marganzo Restaurante, Calle 8 267, Campeche
  • Dinner: Hacienda Temozon 


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